Every page includes a 12 column grid and is applied to all pages. The grid is there to help compose text, imagery and graphic elements into functional and visually pleasing arrangements.

When using the grid and creating layouts, we use the ‘rule of three’ as a reference point that informs many of our design decisions. However, it is not prerequisite to always use ‘the three’ columns. The 12 column grid creates flexibility and enables a variety of layouts.

We have a set of pre-defined type sizes to use in our brochures and reports. The range of sizes creates flexibility and can cater a large variety of content, from small informative texts to large headlines.

Full Bleed imagery

When printing technique enables full bleed printing we can make use of that when placing logotype, images, fifth elements and other graphics. This is also the preferred treatment when documents are viewed on screen.

Negative space

Negative space is a design element. Feel free to space out the content.
We want to stay true to our ethos ‘Security made easy’ which makes us confident enough to simplify and reduce.

Don’t overdecorate

Some layouts will become content heavy with complex infographics and information. But don’t feel the need to overdecorate the pages. Show the necessary information

For example; avoid using elements such as icons decoratively. They’re reserved for functional usage.


Look for the right moments to be expressive. And feel free to let typography be the hero.