The Protectas logotype is based upon the same system as the Securitas logotype, and has the same footprint. It follows the exact same rules and principles, expressed within these guidelines, as the Securitas logotype.

If ever the Securitas logotype is to be replaced by the Protectas logotype, the values for height and width should match exactly.

The logotype must never be altered, colored or combined with any other names or elements. The original logotype must be used at all times. Never modify the logotype or create a new one

The Protectas logotype is most powerful when surrounded by an area of clearspace. This guarantees a high degree of visibility and legibility, while preserving its integrity. This measurement is the minimum space allowed around the logotype and should be applied in all instances. It is important to point out that the defined clearspace is a minimum. It is of course allowed, and in some cases recommended, to go above this in order to create clear and consistent designs.

The recommended amount of clearspace for the logotypes and the symbol is equivalent to the symbol height. In exceptional cases, the clearspace can be ajdusted in order to secure or maximize impact.