The basic forms of the circle and square are the starting point for our infographics. This helps us design and execute in a clear and digestible way.

Pie chart

Area map

Ordered bars

Linear bars


Circle map




Stacked area



Simple and elegant arrows, with dot as points.

Single variable arrow

Number arrow

Vertical arrow

Bullet point arrow

Multiple target arrow

Area marking

Angled arrow

Vertical point

Single variable point

Left flush point legend

Right flush point legend

Dotted area marking

Try to keep the amount of different type sizes within the same application to a minimum. By repeating the same type sizes across different applications we create a coherent visual standard.

If differentiation is needed, for example between a sub-heading and a body copy, this can be achieved by weight rather than size. We recommend that type sizes are separated by a factor of at least 1.5, in order to make them stand out from one another.

  • Securitas Pro Bold
  • Securitas Pro Regular
    Legends and graph headers
  • Securitas Pro Light
    Larger numbers

Incorporating the information palette

When creating infographics, we begin by selecting a primary or accent color that acts as the ‘theme’ for the specific application. Depending on how many colors are necessary to communicate the information, we then add colors from the information palette that create harmonious compositions.

For example, if creating infographics based around the SEC Red, then the additional colors should be reds from the information palette. If more than 4 colors are required within a complex diagram, guidance is provided on the Brand Portal.

Red palette

Blue palette

Purple palette

Combining primary and accent

In some specific circumstances, we can combine the primary and accent colors, complimented by White or SEC Light Grey.

This application is very much a top level approach and should be used sparingly, for example when there is a single infographic that lives in isolation from other content. This way, we communicate using the stronger components from the brand color palette.

Pie charts

Presentation elements

Charts / graphs