Securitas iconography consists of a range of functional icons and a smaller selection of pictograms.

The visual differentiation between Functional and Pictogram is included to maximise legibility and visibility for specific applications.

Functional icons



Letting our core elements influence our functional icons and pictograms, we extend the visual DNA that runs through our identity into the way we construct each individual icon.

Ensuring the DNA is present in each icon makes for maximum recognition, and is an effective way to make sure every component with the identity is connected to an overarching design language.

Round line endings

Gaps between lines

To create consistency, the icons are drawn on a 32x32px grid as a starting point. Always use this grid when creating pictograms in order to maintain a consistent and functional appearance.

The icons have been designed to work best in four sizes:

  • 16×16 px
  • 24×24 px
  • 20×20 px
  • 32×32 px

Format: 32x32px
Pixel grid: 2px
Stroke: 2px


When creating pictograms we use the same grid, but here we allow ourself to work with an extra stroke weight of 1px to be able to create more decorative and complex motifs.

Format: 32x32px
Pixel grid: 2px
Stroke: 2px + 1px

Corner radius

A defined corner radius is set to create a consistent style on all our icons. We work with a 1px circular radius for stroke endings and 2px for outer corners with an 90° angle on the inside. This ensures our iconography is consistent and well balanced. 

Corner radius: 1px

Outer corner radius: 2px
Interiors: 90°


Exceptions can be made when necessary to make the icon’s metaphor understandable or object shape clearly defi ned. Use an additional radius to make the metaphor reflect the real form of the object. The 2px radius can be increased by a multiple of two.

Corner radius: 4px

Master shapes

To create consistency, some of the icons have been updated to reduce the use of master shapes. This helps us ensure consistency in icons with similar proportions.

The functional icons are to be used for:

  • Small sizes
  • UI and UX
  • Action or object
  • Support interactivity
  • Avoid using the icons decoratively. They’re exclusively reserved for functional usage.

Our pictograms should be used to amplify and clarify information, services and/or instructions. Pictograms should only be used to represent information – never as illustrations or decor.

The primary use for pictograms is on plaques and signage, to visually represent the range of security services offered by Securitas.

Do not integrate pictograms into images.

The primary usage for our set of numerals is signage and wayfinding. Their relationship to the icon design DNA is intended to compliment iconography. An example of their usage is a meeting room number or floor/level number.

They should not replace the numerals from Securitas Pro in everyday design usage.