What are your favourite brands? You’ll probably have a few. No doubt you can explain quite easily why you love them. You might also be able to describe how those brands behave towards you – and even how they sound. This familiarity and recognition is a result of long-term, consistent brand communication and behaviour. Knowing what to expect from a brand can be part of the reason we love them.

But achieving brand consistency isn’t easy. Especially when your brand represents over 370,000 people all over the globe – with countless more customers. This guide is here to help.

In this chapter you’ll discover the simple principles of how to talk and write in the Securitas tone of voice. They’ll help us all create a consistent and clear voice for our brand: a voice that will bring our unique values and personality to life.

The Securitas brand already means a lot to many people. With this guide, you can help it reach many, many more.

The Securitas Brand Platform dives deep into our reason to exist and our promise to the world. So, before we zoom in on our tonality, let’s revisit the foundations on which our brand is built.

Our Purpose

This is our ‘Why’ – the reason we exist (besides running a successful global business, of course).

We help make your world a safer place.

Our Positioning

This describes what we do and how we do it.

A security solutions partner with world-leading technology and expertise.

Our values

These describe what we believe in, and what steers the decisions we make.


Our personality

This is the character of our brand and organisation.

We are:

Our Brand Idea

This sums up all the components of our brand into a single, simple, distinct promise.

See a different world.

Read our Brand Platform and you’ll see our personality is captured in three strong words: Brave, Human, Curious. These are the characteristics we want the world to associate with us. The way we speak and write is our chance to bring this personality to life. We do that by being Personal, Curious, Simple and Honest.

Read on to learn what each part of our tonality means – and how to let these characteristics shine through in written and spoken language.

Being Personal

We are real people, looking out for real people. Talking on a personal level shows us as the human-centric, down-to earth-organisation we are. Too formal and we appear distant. Too corporate and we come across cold.

We speak in a comfortable, relaxed voice. Feel free to talk about ourselves as ‘we’ (just like we’re doing here) rather than always in the more formal third person (Securitas believes that everyone has a right to security).

Real-life stories and staff experiences add a personal touch and remind everyone we’re here to make the world a safer place – for people.

Here are some tips for being personal and professional at the same time.

  • Picture your reader before you start to write – and imagine talking directly to them.
  • Personal is warm and accessible – but never too familiar.
  • Don’t be afraid to show a little emotion – we’re real people, not machines.
  • Feel free to hero individual members of the team – we’re not a huge, faceless corporation after all.
  • Invite your reader into our world. Ask questions, see life through their eyes.
  • Talk as one of the team – think ‘we’re here for you’ not ‘one of the Securitas guys are there for you’.


A LinkedIn Post

Hi from the Lisbon Wine Fair where we’re busy making everyone feel safe. It’s crowded here today, so if you need any help do look out for us – the guys with the three red dots on our uniforms – or tweet us @XXXXXXX We’re always here to help.

An Instagram post

Hi from Sofia and Pedro, your team on the ground right here at Estadio Nacional! Go <team name> and go Sofia and Pedro!

From securitas.com

Instead of:

We provide receptionist/concierge services with a security officer performing a combination of services including access control, reception and customer service.

Try this:

Specially-trained Securitas reception staff perform regular customer-facing duties and monitor the security of your building. Two essential roles. One vital person.

Being Curious

We’re people people. We’re genuinely fascinated by the world around us – and every person that we meet.

It’s why we ask questions. It’s why we dare to wonder ‘What if?’ And why we spark richly relevant discussions and debates, drawing on our goldmine of data and behavioural intelligence.

And crucially, it’s why we listen to what our customers and colleagues say.

  • Encourage your audience to have their say with inviting phrases: ‘Tell us’ is always a good opener.
  • Ask open questions – they’re the ones that can’t be shut down easily with ‘no’.
  • Show our curiosity is genuine – reassure readers we’d love to hear what they feel/think.
  • Involve your audience – let’s show we value their opinion by asking for feedback on new features and services.
  • Be generous – share our wealth of relevant topics and examine the world from unexpected angles that makes our obsession with security accessible to all.
  • Try to talk about ‘you’ (the reader) more than about us (Securitas).


An Instagram post

‘Mauro’s new uniform on its first ever patrol. We’d love to hear, what’s your first impression?’

A post on Securitas.com

Ever felt safer at the mall than at home? You’re not alone.

Our security report results are in. And the responses are eye-opening, with over XX% of us admitting to feeling more secure in public places with a visible security presence than in our own homes.

From securitas.com

Instead of:

Our Offering
Securitas offers security solutions based on customer-specific needs through different combinations of on-site, mobile and remote protective services, electronic security, fire and safety and corporate risk management.

Read more about our offering:
Click on the links to find more information about our security services and solutions, strategy and opportunity for growth.

Try this:

What do Securitas do?
We’re here to make your world a safer place. We do this by combining expertise in on-site, mobile and remote protective services with electronic security, fire and safety experience, and adding our corporate risk management track record. All to create security solutions solving real-life problems.

What could you do if your world was a safer place? Find out more about our services, solutions and security strategies.

Being Simple

Security is a complex business. Talking and writing about it shouldn’t be. So we keep our voice reassuringly simple. Simple words help us connect with people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Simple words also build trust. It’s only because we’re so proficient in security that we can make it feel this simple. After all, it’s always harder to simplify than to complicate.

  • Skip the jargon – if you absolutely must use industry terms or acronyms, explain what they mean.
  • Avoid the trap of using complicated language to look smart – the opposite is usually true.
  • Choose strong words that get to the point – talk, not converse, meet not convene, buy, not purchase
  • Keep sentences short – and limit yourself to one thought per sentence.
  • Show don’t tell – if pictures and graphics could help to get your point across faster, use them.
  • Customer-facing? Make interactions simple too. Be prompt, polite and precise. (And if you can’t solve a problem, find someone who can.)

Example from securitas.com
Securitas Operation Centers

Instead of:

Securitas Operation Centers
Securitas Operation Centers (SOC) play a key role in providing high-performance security. From here, our security services and solutions are managed and controlled. At the SOC, people and technology are combined through established processes and protocols, coordinating customer security and service. Data about all incidents that occur and security services provided are directed through our SOC and managed by trained professionals. Our operators are experts in quickly addressing problems and solving them according to protocols and customer requests.

The combination of a single point of contact and high density of security officers ensures immediate attention and action. The information gathered in our SOC is used to take the correct action at all times, giving our customers high-quality security around the clock. Improved analytics, analysis and precise customer feedback reports are also facilitated by our SOC.

Try this:

Securitas Operation Centers
All our services and solutions are expertly managed and controlled in our Securitas Operation Centers (SOC). It’s where advanced technology meets skilled personnel, proven processes and strict protocols to deliver the best customer security and service. When an incident arises, data is sent straight to SOC for immediate attention. A single point of contact and a high density of security officers makes sure the right action is taken, fast. SOC is also where all our analytics, analysis and reporting happens.

Instead of:

Securitas presents higher Q2 earnings from BA B2C compared to Q1.

Try this:

Securitas reports higher quarter-on-quarter earnings from consumer business.

Being Honest

People trust us to make the world a safer place. We earn that trust by being honest and refreshingly transparent.

Made a mistake? Own up and move on. You’ll earn more respect than trying to cover it. Let someone down? Look them in the eye and apologise. And more importantly, prove that you’ve learned from the experience.

Being honest also means seeing the world how it is – and reflecting that in our own world through diverse and honest representations of age, body shapes, nationalities, genders and religions. Our audience is global – and we hold a true mirror up to that audience.

  • Say it how it is. If something could be better, don’t pretend it’s perfect.
  • Be brave enough to say sorry if something is our fault.
  • Don’t overpromise. Only say what you know you can deliver.
  • Don’t gush. Less is usually more in difficult situations.
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. How do they feel right now? What can you say to meet them where they are?


A Twitter Response

“Hey @securitas – you double-parked my car outside the mall, neither smart nor secure! :(”

Hi @JohnDoe.  We’re sorry. We messed up your afternoon and that’s not OK. We’ve talked to all our teams about this so everyone knows to park smarter from now on. Thanks for letting us know.

A Facebook Response

“I have been double charged for my Securitashome package – I thought you were supposed to protect me from theft??”

Hi John. Our bad. That definitely shouldn’t have happened. Your account has been credited already. And we’re checking our systems to fix the glitch that caused this. Thank you for letting us know.