Design is a tool to communicate our values, explain our offer and is the delivery that makes us who we are. It gives us one voice, instils trust and exudes the energy we need to connect to our audience. Designers, agencies or anyone that authorises design, needs to understand the essence of our identity and who we are. Whilst our strategy lays the foundation, a set of design principles will provide criteria for any experience or expression in the name of our brand.

1. Unified

Consistent / Seamless / Universal
We are one brand, and we need to make sure we always act as one across all of of our markets and touchpoints, large or small. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
2. Assertive

Experienced / Reliable / Confident
We speak from experience, and are distinct, confident and to the point in our communication and expressions.
3. Human

Simplifying / Accessible / Easy
We are here to make security easy and need to ensure we always stay approachable and relatable in our interactions with customers.
4. Dynamic

Bold / Energetic / Curious
We have an optimistic mindset and are excited by the future. This should be reflected through a vibrant and responsive brand experience.