The Securitas logotype is available in two primary color versions: Red + White and Red + Navy Blue.

The Red + White is used when the background is dark or consists of a dark image motif. Conversely, the Red + Navy Blue is used when the background is light or contains a light image motif. Make sure to use the version that allows for the greatest contrast and legibility in relation to the background.

The logotype must never be altered, colored or combined with any other names or elements. The original logotype must be used at all times. Never ever modify the logotype or create a new one.

The logotype can only be placed on a Navy Blue, White or Light Grey backgrounds.

When taken in isolation, the three red dots within the logotype form our symbol. They act as a representation of the Securitas brand in its most reduced and simplified form. The symbol can be used as an endorsing mark or as a sign-off but should only be used in when the Securitas context is already evident.

In isolation it evokes confidence and authority, but it must be clear that Securitas is the sender. The symbol must never be altered, colored or combined with any other names or elements. The original symbol must be used at all times. Never modify the symbol or create a new one.

In simplified digital applications such as app icons, avatars and profile images, we use only the symbol. The supporting text that sits alongside these three dots ensures the Securitas name is present.

By using the symbol, we maximise our space, and take away any issues relating to legibility. The clearspace is adjusted in order to secure maximize impact. The symbol should be horizontally and vertically centred on a SEC Dark Navy or White background.

The Securitas logotype is most powerful when surrounded by an area of clearspace. This guarantees a high degree of visibility and legibility, while preserving its integrity.

This measurement is the minimum space allowed around the logotype and should be applied in all instances. It is important to point out that the defined clearspace is a minimum. It is of course allowed, and in some cases recommended, to go above this in order to create clear and consistent designs.

The recommended amount of clearspace for the logotypes and the symbol is equivalent to the symbol height. In exceptional cases, the clearspace can be adjusted in order to secure or maximize impact.

In order to minimize variation and ensure a coordinated, uniform appearance, try to use the same position and size across similar applications.

The preferred positions of the Securitas logotype are shown below.

Primary position

The corners are our primary positions for the logotype. This is true for most of our formats, such as portrait, landscape and square formats.

Secondary position

In some instances, due to content and format, the logotype can be placed in secondary position. Occasionally, in branding, a centered logotype is preferred, but all of the positions shown here are available for use.

The tagline can be used as either a lead in the heading, or as a supporting sign-off to more tactical messages.

Tagline as lead

Tagline as support

Whenever a subsidiary brand of Securitas needs to convey its association to the master brand, the endorsement logotype can be used. It can similarly be used for this purpose during the transition period of an acquisition.

Securitas’ brand symbol combined with the accompanying endorsing text ‘A Securitas company’ is sufficient to communicate the association. The symbol must never be altered and the general rules of treatment, clear space and positioning that apply to the master brand must be followed at all times.