There are two types of client signs:

  • PVC boards (large signs)
  • Decals (small window-stickers)

Our client signs consists of five different widths (three different widths of decals and two different widths of PVS boards). Both the PVC boards and the decals use the same layout system. Always use the provided templates when producing new client signs.

PVC boards

Available in two different widths: 950 and 400 mm.


Available in three different widths: 230, 105 and 80 mm.

Our signs are available in three different possible layouts, depending on the content. Our logotype is always present on the signs.

For the main message, either a large headline, a pictogram or a combination of a headline and a pictogram can be used.

The templates are based on a content area instead of a pre-set headline sizes. This way we can make sure we get maximal visibility in all languages / copy.

However, the headline should describe the service in a way that is easy to understand. It should be descriptive and straightforward, for example “Protected”.



Text + Pictogram

Besides the main message, there are supportive information, which can be divided into one, two or three “panels”.

One panel is mandatory on all kinds of client signs. Besides our logotype and the main message (headline, pictogram, headline and pictogram) it consists of one panel of information. A relevant regional website address is obligatory in the information field. In some cases, smaller legal text are also included.

1 panel

2 panels

3 panels

All text boxes in InDesign have a small space before the first character. It is important to align the text to the left margin. This is especially crucial in larger headlines.

Visual adjusted

Not adjusted